(Insert devastating pun here)

Haven’t drawing much as of late, but I have been doing a bit of writing!

I need to get back into the swing of things…

(Insert devastating pun here)

Haven’t drawing much as of late, but I have been doing a bit of writing!

I need to get back into the swing of things…

Most of the time, I complain that I’m not skilled enough to properly portray Mari’s cuteness.

Sometimes, I get lucky.

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Your name is CHROM, and you are the PRINCE OF YLISSIA…

I have outed myself as Homestuck trash, and I will be seeing myself out of the FE fandom now.

Chrom is a Fuschia blood. I know they’re normally female, but y’know. AUs. Maybe there’s such a thing as a male Fuschia-blood?

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"…What do I do now?"

Pokemon X is a great game, and within a relatively-short timeframe, I was able to achieve everything I wanted to do in my childhood! I got a cute customizable trainer, I completely finished my National Pokedex, and I even got a Mew! I’ve been trying to get a Mew for ten years!

I then put down the game for ages because I realized I didn’t have anything left to do. I only boot it up every so often just to check streetpasses.

It’s a feeling both of satisfaction and sadness.

…I guess I’m just on a break until ORAS. Soon, everything comes back full-circle.

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It’s OTP night every night at Kimmy’s house. (How do you explain everything I’ve drawn thus far?)

I never played any gen 5 games, so I didn’t know about this totally cute ship until purpli told me about it. And it’s canon too! I’m just here for the cute dates on ferris wheels with a vocaloid-esque idol boyfriend…

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Marcello and Alexei are both incredibly intelligent and otherwise perfectly nice individuals, but if you get them in a room together, they become actual-five-year-olds.

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"You saw my face! No one is meant to see my face!"

"Why not? You’re really cute."

Amusement Park AU: Gaius Edition, because I needed to draw/write other people’s routes already, and purpli needed cheering up.

While Chrom’s route is just a straight up otome game-esque romance, Gaius specifically wants to leave because, even though he could have all the sweet things he wanted, a strifeless life in a magical amusement park was starting to bore him. However, puzzle challenges and building relationships are not his thing, so he can’t leave in the way that’s actually intended by the Owners. Maybe the shy cleaner can help get him out of here…

How have I not drawn Gaius before? The man looks like a K-pop idol.

…I could have had Mari married to that dastard.

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A doomed timeline from the Line Play AU. Why am I drawing such things for the most cutesy pairing in this AU? I dunno.

Character accuracy in Line Play is near-impossible due to the lack of hair options, particularly in terms of colours. Like, that’s meant to be Marianne and Chrom. There’s plenty of hime cuts, but none in blue. There’s lots of short spiky-ish hairstyles, but not many in blue. Even then, the hair may only be available in a limited edition gatcha!

…My point is, I need more options for blue hair.

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Enfant Bowlcut

A short thing written for the Book Club AU.


He stared at his reflection in the mirror, scowling at his hair. It’d been perfectly cut, in the same way his mother perfectly cut everything, with the edges all straight and the same length. The thick fringe completely covered his forehead, perfectly framing his face in a square.

Marc scowled.

He looked like a coconut.

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Recent events in the FE:A fandom have left a bad taste in my mouth.

I don’t think it’s right I have the modded CGs up anymore.

"…What are you staring at?"

After all the dumb shenanigans I’ve been having on  skype with mega-da-pollen, I was in no mood to draw anything serious or sad. So, have a doodle of Marcello. The anatomy might a bit off, but I can’t be bothered fixing it anymore.

They’re staring at your butt, Marc.

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So, I was skyping with a friend while she was peeling potatoes, and I told her about this nerd. She then requested I draw something involving potatoes.

She said he looked like Spike Spiegel.

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ok i am a shadow the true self I REALLY WANTED TO DRAW ONE FOR MY MU AFTER aria-di-dresdall DID ONE FOR MEEEE and i love that shaft head tilt thing ur model does in the game

also the chrom one to match

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List of Fire Emblem: Awakening AUs

Because I have so many, and I need to keep track of them all.

  • Modern AU: In which all the characters live in the modern day and are in university, and somehow we follow the actual plot of FE.
  • Line Play AU: A modern day-ish AU where everything is more fabulous and anime and dumb shenanigans happen
  • Amusements for Fun and Romance: An AU where every shipping is possible. Solve puzzles and go on dates at the best ever amusement park! Maybe even meet the mysterious owner?
  • Book Club AU: A separate modern day AU where the MU moms get together to talk about their favourite literature while their kids play in the next room and with the neighbourhood kids.
  • Paralogue 25: A hypothetical chapter where you can recruit the MU’s mysterious mother.
  • Fashion Scramble: An Outrealm for a hypothetical fourth episode of the scramble pack DLC. Anna Madame Clarisse has made some pretty outfits for a select few members of your party! But wait, some Risen have invaded her shop!
  • Chromodachi Life: Tomodachi Life AU. To be filled when I actually get the game.
  • Dreaming AU: Where the MU of a new playthrough can “hear” the voice of a previous MU, and they try to impart wisdom and cute anecdotes from past timelines. Depending on who the previous MUs married, the newest one will feel a particularly strong affinity with certain characters.
  • Tyrant Chrom: There was once a prince who seemed charming, until his tactician realized their true colours. 
  • Persona 4 AU: Shadow form analyses, mostly.
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Oh god, if I ever think of drawing fanservice again, just punch me. That half-open kimono…THING was a pain to draw.

It’s “Monsieur Butterfly” again, but now sporting a different outfit and hairstyle, because that’s how we roll in Line Play.

My friend whom I share this AU with kindly took time out of her busy schedule to doodle a response:

Quit dreaming of your childhood friend like that, you weirdo.

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