"Who’s the lucky guy who showed up in Monsieur Butterfly’s dream?"

"…Fine. It was you."


This looks like a cute doodle of an OTP, but it was spawned from a very dumb/funny conversation I had with a friend yesterday on Line Play. All I can say is that there were a lot of shoujo manga tropes in use, and everything was pretty much my friend’s fault.

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"It’s a pity you don’t show others your face."


"Because you’re beautiful."

I’ve been writing for the Amusement Park AU lately, and I just had the urge to draw one of the CGs.

This AU is so self-indulgent, it’s basically a backdrop for cute shipping moments and puzzles. I mean, has Chrom ever been this romantic in canon?

I got lazy drawing the fireworks because it’s 2AM

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A quick-ish doodle and semi-sequel to this thing, because I mentioned  something about a book club AU. Long story.

From left to right: Mari, Lyn, Lex, and Marc.

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So…someone say MU moms? I decided to make a talksprite for my four MU Mom concepts, for the four MUs of me and purpliInstead of finishing their “official” illustrations.

From Left to Right, their names are Margaret, Lysandra, Lexia, and Maryl.

I should decide on a design for the canon Robin’s mother… And our fifth MU.

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Quick sketch before I go off to uni. Sorry for skimping on the daily drawings as of late!

It’s this hot asshole again, my OC Ancell Himmel.

When I was younger, I was TERRIBLE at drawing the other eye, so I designed a lot of my OCs to have hair covering half their face to just avoid the problem.

Now that I CAN draw the other eye, I was left with a lot of characters who look like they were created in middle school (I was in high school, mind you), have no concept of OH&S, and whose hairstyles only look appealing/are easy to draw from certain angles. Time to redesign them, maybe?

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IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST OR ART BLOG Please reblog this/message me so I can follow you, seriously I will go into the hundreds
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Hi, the…12 people that now follow my art blog! Nice to meet you! I have a small favour to ask of you.

Don’t take this like I’m not grateful for your support. I really am! I’m very glad that people like my little drawings.

But, if you like my work, can you please reblog my art so that more people can see it? It’s only been really recently that I’ve had the confidence to start uploading my art more often. It really does make so much more difference to me that you reblog and that more people get to see it!

So, that’s all I have to say. Thank you again for all your support!

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"They had it coming."

An idea for a mystery (horror? just plain gorey?) story I’ve been kicking around. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the character’s motivation was even good enough to warrant more than a one-shot, so I didn’t pursue it.

I don’t know how blood splatter works

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Honestly, I kept imagining this happening to Marcello throughout my second playthrough. This scene in particular happened after that “two halves of a whole” speech.

It’d be pretty funny if MUs on subsequent playthroughs could hear, or have visions of previous attempts. Marianne’s first file is full of regrets and rookie mistakes.

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A sorta-sequel to this thing, at a friend’s request because I destroyed their heart.


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"Mother loves you. Never forget that, Morgan…"

Hi, my name is Kimmy, and I like making sad FE pictures. This is vaaaaguely inspired by the Future Past DLC.

Maybe I’ll fix this up and colour it later.

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"…Wh-what?! I mean, I was serious when I said I love you, but-!"

I have an FE:A Modern AU that I talk occasionally about, which is actually a modern AU that somehow ended up following the plot of FE:A.

The more things change, however, the more they stay the same. For example, my F!MU still ends up marrying Chrom. How self-indulgent of me…

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#withthebae #flawless

Modern FE AU adventures, ft. my M!MU and his family. This one was all purpli's fault.

Not pictured: Gerome moving out.

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Hahaha, these are still so rough, but I don’t wanna work on them anymore.

Morgans in various outfits for an AU! Or is it for many AUs?

In order, these are:

  1. Host/Welcoming Committee
  2. Waitstaff
  3. Shopkeepers
  4. Food Court Attendants
  5. Lifeguards
  6. Security Guards
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Another WIP. Second Morgan outfit!

Also, added a tag for this AU.

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